Saturday, July 27, 2013

Getting Ready: Fall Clothes!

Since fall is coming up I came up with the idea of putting sets together of what (I think) will be popular for next fall. Enjoy!

-Graphic Tees/Maxi Patterned Skirts/
Chest Jewelry and Vintage Necklaces/
Loafers and Cut-Boots/Circle Skirts

-Blazers/Patterned Blazers/Chanel Espadrilles/ 
Flats/Black Heels and Sandals 
 -Patterned Dresses/Denim Dresses/
Patterned Crop Tops
High-Waisted patterned and denim shorts
 -Sweaters/more Dresses
And more Flats

-Boyfriend Jeans/
And Zara Mini Skorts

Peacoats/Denim and Leather Jackets