Sunday, August 18, 2013

Back to School Outfits!

Hello! *I apologize for not being on for a long time I've been trying to getting ready for school that I didn't have much time to post!
Tomorrow is the first day of school [yes, such a bummer :( ] so I thought that I should make some back to school outfits for some of you who are going back to school this August or whenever you're going back to school!
Below are sets and me describing what's great about the outfit and the last one is my first day of school outfit that I'm going to wear tomorrow! Enjoy!
-Marie (:

This is outfit is perfect for the first day of school and is personally one of my favorites because its a bit girly, it's summery, and is in style. Keds, White Vans, or any kind of white canvas shoes are perfect for school! They are comfortable, perfect for a hot summer day, and always look good on everybody!

This outfit is a bit on the warm side, yet is still summery and great to wear on the First day of School. The converse in this set is definitely shoe to wear to start the school year. Shorts are most likely to be worn on the first day so I definitely suggest that this is a great outfit for the first day!

This outfit is more fancier and casual but great to wear only on the first day of school. The romper and the sandals make the outfit summery and the coral blazer gives the outfit an older and sophisticated, yet fun look.

This outfit great for one of those chilly mornings where you can wear a cozy cardigan but when it gets hot you can take it off. Converse with dresses and a cardigan is one of my favorite things to wear on a lazy day in the summer and when I'm going out of the house, because I will always be warm because of the cardigan.

Shorts and a shirt with Keds is probably the most plain but cute thing to wear to school. It's light colored so you won't get as hot as you usually would on a hot summer day and you'll always look good rocking white Keds! The Long Champ is a great bag to carry all your books and is very fashionable!
 This last outfit is very girly and plain. First of all there is the plain white shirt, then the floral skirt which brings out the most attention in this outfit, and my favorite......the Keds! This outfit may not always be worn on the first day of school and more like in the middle of the school year so whenever you can't think of an outfit this would be great to wear!

 This is my First Day of School Outfit
Jacket: Forever 21
Top: TopShop
Shoes: Keds
Necklace: similar Tiffany and Co. necklace