Thursday, August 1, 2013

My Favorite Stores to Shop At

All these stores are my favorite stores to shop at and I'd love if  you check them out and see what you think.

*Btw, If you are wondering how I get the money to buy these things, I have a big family who know the places I like to shop at. Plus, I use the money I save up. And like I said I don't own many things from the stores I listed.* Just thought I'd let you guys know! xx

- TopShop is my most favorite place to shop at. Though I really don't have many things from there because it's a very expensive store. (*WARNING* Once you shop there you will you'll get a bad habit of wanting all the clothes. TopShop is VERY addictive) TopShop has the BEST quality in all there clothes. The best place to find leather items, crop tops, dungarees/overalls, boyfriend jeans/high-waisted jeans, and circle skirts would definitely be TopShop. My favorite things to get from TopShop is either there jackets or leather boots. 

Zara is my second favorite place to shop. I absolutely LOVE there mini skorts and there handbags, they are so gorgeous. Zara is the best place to buy mini skorts, bags, and heels. Though I'm to young to wear there heels but I would definitely buy there heels when I get older. My favorite item that I love from Zara are their Combination Track Ankle Boots.
H&M is were I but most of my clothes! There items are low prices but very great quality. The H&M creme color bag is my most favorite item from that store. H&M is the best place to buy Cardigans and Bags. 

I own a few things from River Island though I'd like to say the store has the best clothes! I really love their tops. 

- A few post ago I made a post about La Garconne because I absolutely love the store! Yet again, I only have a few things because the store is a bit expensive. I simply love everything thing from the store and I can't choose what I like best from La Garconne.

-A few months ago I heard of Monki and I wasn't 100% sure if I liked the store but a few days ago I made polyvore sets using the things from Monki and it turns out Monki is literally the best store EVER! Though I don't own anything yet but hopefully will be purchasing something later.