Sunday, October 6, 2013

How to Style: Tartan pt. 1

Lately tartan has been a quite huge trend this month, in fact I've seen many famous fashion bloggers and models wearing this print. What's unique about this print is that it looks great with any other clothing piece. What I mean is that you can easily match Tartan with many items like: graphic tops, leather jackets, coats, jeans, boots, and several other items.

Here I made a small set of how I like to style Tartan. I love adding leather jackets, beanies, and loafers with a Tartan piece. 

Here I made some more sets of how I like tartan put together.

•Dresses- What I like about Tartan patterned dresses is that you can pair them with cute jackets, sheer tights, and many kinds of shoes and it will look absolutely stunning! What I love to add with a Tartan patterned dress are Leather Jackets and Coats.

•Pants- Trousers are absolutely cute and I like the ones from TopShop and Zara the most. Zara has Tartan patterned trousers and I thought they were very chic and cute! Where I mostly like to wear these pants are in the city. It makes me look like a normal fashionable city girl and that's the look that I like most about them!

•Shorts- Tartan Shorts are absolutely Chic and I would definitely like to purchase a pair and wear them in the fall with items like leather jackets, sequence tops, and just basic colored tops.

•Skirts- Skirts having Tartan print may look uniform-like that you'd wear to school but this month I guess its a great time to wear it so people will recognize that it's not school uniform. Like I said Tartan comes in many clothing items but Tartan patterned skirts are my favorite. They look very cute on everyone and I really like the look of it with jackets, crop tops, and black mid-heeled strap boots.

Thanks so much for reading, stay tuned for more posts! 
-marie (: