Sunday, October 13, 2013

October WishList

Lately I've been finding many cute clothes on websites that I absolutely adore and I really would like to share some of my favorites! Enjoy! 

1). Jacket- I've always adored denim jackets but I instantly fell in love with this denim jacket from . I love the vintage look that it has and I think it'd look great in my wardrobe.

2). Top- I really like this plaid top from because I thought it looked very basic and vintage. I look forward to styling it with Cardigans, Leather Jackets, Coats, and more!

3). Jeans- I thought these jeans from Nordstrom looked really cute! The thing I love mostly about it are the rips on the jeans. The rips on the jeans makes it looks like a very casual and daring piece. I'll definitely pair these jeans with a graphic top, boots and a jacket.

4). Bag- This bag from H&M caught my eye the minute I saw it. I like that the bag looks very edgy and vintage. I'm definitely thinking of purchasing it by myself one of these days.

5). Jewelry- I think I've said a few post ago that I love rings, but these initial rings from TopShop looked really adorable and I'd really like to wear them! 

6).Shoes- I'm not really into black Vans but lately I've been liking how these shoes were put together in many outfits by many of my favorite fashion bloggers and fashion inspirations. It made me think that maybe I can actually style these shoes with many items in my closet so hopefully I can get my hands on these shoes probably for the upcoming special day, Christmas!

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for todays Outfit of the Day! 

-Marie xx