Saturday, December 28, 2013

December Favorites!

Clothing Favorites:
1). Sweater: Forever 21: This sweater is very soft and warm and I've loved wearing it. It is great for cold winter days especially if you like to wear oversized sweaters, like I do.

2).Jeans: H&M: High-waisted jeans are my favorite jeans to wear especially during the winter. They are very flexible and easy to breath in, especially H&M's high-waisted jeans.

3). Fur Vest: Mango: Fur vests may not always keep you warm. Yes, I know the softness makes you want to sleep in it all day, but it's a great adding to your outfit if you want to look warm and dress cute. 

4). Necklace: Vintage: This necklace was actually made sometime in 1990 so it is very special. And if you've seen my latest posts on my blog you'd see that I wear this necklace a lot.

5). Combat Boots: Charlotte Russe: These shoes have been worn in many many outfits and it surprises me that they're not worn out. I really love to wear knee socks under these boots to keep my feet warm during the cold.

Random Favorites:

Music: This month I've been going crazy about a band that had broken up a few months ago *sad face*. But they're music always seemed to amaze me. I've known this band since I was 6 and it brings me tears just knowing they're not a band anymore. It seems that they're music always cheers me up and keeps my day going. I will always love this band, forever and always. My favorite song by them would be Pushin' Me Away, Love Bug, or Australia.

Movie/Book: In my Language class my class and I read the book "A Christmas Carol" and watched the movie. The book is defenitely more interesting in my opinion. It has more description and details.

Food/Snack: I've been obsessing over this snack for ages. Cheese and Crakers is simply the best snack you could ever have.

Makeup: Because it was Decemeber, the colors red, green, and gold are used a lot. So what's better than using a red lipstick for the holidays? It definitely makes you jolly for the seasons. Especially a red nail polish which is mostly worn during Christmas Time.

Thanks for reading! Stay tuned for more posts! -Marie <3