Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Favorite Chic and Fabulous Bags!

Hello, this afternoon I'm making a post showing you my favorite bags at the moment. Some of these bags may seem a bit expensive but I'm only showing what bags I really adore; I don't own any of them. Enjoy! (:

1. Mulberry Glossy Del Rey Bag- I recently found out about this bag when I've seen many people in the city wearing it. It looks really gorgeous from afar and I'm really like using them in my polvore sets; it really looks good in almost every set.

2. Topshop Large Leather Doctor's Bag- I'm not always really into TopShop's bags but this bag really amazed me of how sheek it looks because if it's leather. 

3. River Island Pink Color Block Bowler Bag- I've already made a post about this bag months ago but I still have my eye on this beautiful bag. It's great for almost every season, has many shades of reds and pinks, and what's not to love about this bag? It's absolutely gorgeous!

4. Zara Structured Bowling Bag- I'm obsessed with all Zara bags but this one I had my eye on because it's not only my favorite color, but it is really unique and chic and can be worn every season.

5. Zara Citybag- I really adore this bag because it's plain, not too big or small, and is called a "city bag" so it's is great to be worn in the city. You know how I love to dress in gorgeous clothes in the city.

6. Givenchy Medium Antigona Duffel- Some of you may know this bag. It's the Givenchy. Finest of all. This beautiful bag is something I'm going to set a goal for in my future.

7. H&M Imitation Leather Bag- This is a bag I'd probably take to high school since it's has lots of space inside. I absolutely love this bag because it's very plain and great to take anywhere. It also includes a body strap if you decided not to hold it on your arms.

8. Mulberry Bayswater Tote- I've been a fan of this bag for years. It's absolutely gorgeous. I found out that is similar to a tote bag so the inside of it is very roomy and big. 

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more posts! 

-Marie Xx