Sunday, September 22, 2013

Soft and Cozy!

Don't tell me you don't enjoy wearing sweaters in the fall. Sweaters are the most coziest things ever you just want to be buried in them all fall and winter! During fall people like to wear warm and cozy things. Many times in the fall, sweaters, coats/jackets, and boots are worn. It will totally fest up your fall wardrobe when wearing soft and cozy clothes. 

Models: Coco's Tea Party 

Below are examples of how I like to wear cozy things for the Fall.

-I always love to wear a furry vest to school. It may not keep you as warm but I love that it is soft and cute to wear, especially in the fall. It makes my wardrobe for fall more "edgier" and fun.

-Coats is my main thing to wear in the fall. I especially love to wear it on top of a sweater or a dress. It definitely spices up my Fall wardrobe and makes it look more fall-like and mature.

•Sweaters and boots
-As I said earlier, sweaters are worn many times during Fall. I absolutely adore seeing sweaters and boots worn together during the season. It always looks great on me especially since boots are my absolute favorite things to wear every season and I'm really used to wearing boots a lot. I paired the sweaters and boots with boyfriend jeans and trousers below.  

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more posts! -marie xx