Friday, September 6, 2013

Favorites of the Month: August-*September!

Hello, today I'd like to share my favorite items from the month August and what I'll be wearing during September. As you can see below, these items are more darker colors because it is now Fall time and I have finally bought my Fall clothes and essentials about a week ago and I'm excited to show you my favorites of them all! Enjoy!

1. Topshop tanks have been my ultimate Favorite thing to wear. These tanks come in many pastel colors. All the tanks that they have would look absolutely stunning to wear during the fall time. My favorite colors of the Topshop tanks is the black tank and the a light pastel blueish-purplish tank that is shown above. 

2. If you didn't know, Converse has been my ultimate favorite shoe to wear. I've been more into the black converse lately because it is a dark color and it fits perfectly in my fall wardrobe. I'm always wearing Graphic tees, skinny jeans, and converse all together many times a week and I've become a bit obsessed with it. Like I always say, Converse looks great on everybody no matter if its low-top or high-top and if you have long or shorts legs it always looks best on everyone, so I definitely recommend that you buy them for yourself to wear during the Fall before anyone else gets them.

3. Black-acid washed Leigh jeans have been my obsession for the past couple of days. Like a week ago I have managed to purchase my own pair of black-acid washed skinny jeans that were on sale for a good price at Nordstrom rack. This Fall I wanted to go even darker so I've decided to start wearing the colors Black, Grey, Indigo Blue, and Magenta and for a bit of the bright side I have chosen to wear the colors Creme, Lavender, Brown and White.

4. Rings have been my obsession lately because they're practically great to wear with any outfit and are great looks in your outfits to wear for the Fall. I especially will be including rings for the jewelry part in my Fall wardrobe because they look absolutely gorgeous to wear. My favorite place to get plain low-priced rings like the ones in the picture above would be Topshop.

5. My favorite bag to wear where ever I go is the H&M Shoulder bag. It holds many things like my wallet, phone or iPod, pencils and pens, and etc. I definitely recommend that you buy it because they sell them in very good prices. The black H&M shoulder bag is my favorite bag to wear for the fall and I will be wearing it whenever I go out.

Random Favorites of the Week

6. I've been listening to Ed Sheeran a lot lately, even though I've know him for 2 years now I guess this is the month I have gotten absolutely obsessed with him and his music. My favorite songs by him is Drunk and Give Me Love.
I've been introduced to Lorde's music by the radio. I absolutely adore her voice, music, and style! Lorde has definitely become my biggest fashion icon lately and I will continue to adore the way she dresses and maybe get some tips for a good outfit of the day sometime. My style is not really close to the way she dresses but I will still follow some great tips from her outfits and the way she dresses. I absolutely love her clothes and I want them all! My favorite songs by her are Royals and Tennis Court.

7. Black nail polish may not always look surprisingly good all the time but I really love the way it looks on my nails for the Fall. Since I will be wearing more darker colors, I'll be painting my nails the color black more often during the Fall time or any dark color that I like but right now I'm still sticking to the bright pastel colors. My favorite nail polish brands are from TopShop, Essie, and Sally Hansen.

8. My 3 favorite make-up items I can't go without is a lip balm in a pale pink color, black eyeliner, and mascara. I don't wear that much make-up but only on special occasions. I normally wear foundation, mascara, eyeliner, and lip balm to school. I don't go crazy when wearing makeup, I like to have it simple and plain. Though I'm not much of a Make-up person and I don't wear make-up on a daily basis. My favorite Makeup brands are by Mac, Stila, and Topshop.

9. Lastly, I love wearing beanies. Though I don't wear them often because my school has a strict rule of wearing no hats, but I love wearing them outside of school or at home. Beanies always keep my head warm during the winter and I enjoy wearing them on one of my lazy days at home. Beanies can go great in your Fall wardrobe and I definitely recommend buying them from Topshop or H&M.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for my next post! Feel free to comment any ideas or requests for my next posts and I will be soon to accept your request! Thanks so much! 
-Marie xxx