Friday, September 6, 2013

Review: Converse and Keds!

Hello! This evening I'm going to give you a review on Converse and Keds! Enjoy!

I have been wearing Converse and Keds many times lately. These shoes are perfect for all seasons, great quality, very comfortable, and look great on anyone! Right now I'm a bit obsessed with Keds the most (if you've seen my Instagram you can tell that I'm very obsessed with these shoes) because they go with almost everything I have! They're great to wear for this fall so I will definitely be wearing them a lot! If you have not known, white converse and keds have been popular for a while and are still a top trend so I definitely recommend you to buy them for yourself to wear for the upcoming season fall, or if you already have them then the shoes will look really great in your fall wardrobe. Both of these shoe brands are great but a tad bit expensive. If you can't afford these shoes there are always great look alikes that are much more cheaper. You can find some from any thrift store, Target, or any mall that sells all kinds of shoes, for about $5-15. Below are sets for you to look at and if you are going to buy Converse or Keds and is having trouble finding something to wear them with I highly suggest you take a look at the sets below! I hope you enjoyed reading and feel free to comment a request of what I should make my next post about! Thanks! (:

Dresses with converse are always great for the fall because they're comfy and make you look girly. Below are examples of what dresses I'd wear for the fall including the Keds and Converse.

Fall colored and patterned converse is perfect for the fall! My favorite would be the blue converse because it reminds me of water during fall time. Always a dark blue.

Any short skirt with converse is great for one of those warm days during fall where it hasn't gotten chilly yet! I definitely love a high-waisted leather skirt to go with a crop top and converse. Whenever I wear a skirt with converse it always puts me in a happy mood.

Lastly, Any type of jeans would be the main popular thing to wear with converse  during the fall for the cold days. Even  when you get to wear sweaters or cute tops with your jeans and Converse or Keds.
That's all! Thanks for reading and feel free to comment any ideas for my next post! xx