Saturday, September 28, 2013

September Favorites!

Hello everyone! I'm hoping it's not too early to make a September favorites post! I hope you enjoy!

September Clothing Favorites! 

1). Outwear- I've been really liking army green leather jackets this month. It's a very sheek peice for your wardrobe and great to wear for the Fall. I've been pairing  this jacket with dresses or jeans.

2). Top- This is not really a top although I'm going to consider it as a top since it's the most thing I've been wearing on the upper body. Fur vests are really comfy for the cold weather that's been coming up these past few days. I really adore this piece of clothing and will be wearing it more in October.

3). Jeans/Jeggings- Black jeans or jeggings have been very popular for this fall and the upcoming winter. I've been finding so many outfits to wear with my black jeggings that I bought from target. Although I couldn't find the ones that I own from Target so the jeans in the picture I made above are from TopShop.

4). Dress- I always love wearing dresses and I've been wearing them a lot this month. I like to buy some of my dresses from H&M because they are affordable and cute. The dress above is from H&M. I've really been liking wearing dresses with my green leather jacket and a pair of boots.

5). Hat- I really enjoy wearing comfy clothes for the fall so adding a beanie makes it a bit more comfy and warm. The beanie in the picture above is from ASOS. 

6). Shoes- I've been really into leopard print shoes. The ones I've really adored (but don't own) are in the picture above. They're Cèline Leopard Print Vans, but this month I've been wearing my look alikes of the Cèline Leopard Print Vans that are from a local thrift store.

Random September Favorites! 

•Music- 5 Seconds of Summer- I've known this band for a year now, though they just came out with a new song a few days ago and it's called 'Wherever You Are' and I've been obsessed with the song all week and it's been on replay many times. I'm a huge fan of 5 Seconds of Summer and I'm to the point where I really can't wait to hear they're new album! 

•Movie/Book- In my Language/History class we've been reading the book called "The Outsiders". We have just finished the book on Wednesday and watched the movie on Thursday and finished it off yesterday. The movie was SO great and I really want to watch it again! Yet it was tearful at some parts of the movie although it was really interesting to watch and read. 

•Hairstyle- Straight-wavy punk rock hair style has been very attractive this month and I sometimes wear it to school. I like it because it's plain and cute to wear.

•Makeup/Nailpolish-  I've been wearing NARS makeup this month. I really like they're eyeshadow and mascara a lot. I couldn't find the exact lip gloss that I bought from a drug store but I found one from Marc Jacobs that kind of looks like the one that I have from the drug store. I've basically wore red nail polish all month! I love it on my nails and look forward to wearing it more in the Fall and Winter.
•Food- I tried to eat healthy this month so I ate salad very often and ended up loving it more then I usually do. There are so many varieties of salads to make like: chicken salads, avocado salads, normal salads, and so much more. 

•Drink- Drinking root beer isn't very healthy but I've just can't get enough of it! Though I don't drink too much of it because of the lack of sugar it has inside. 

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more posts! 

-marie (: