Sunday, June 29, 2014

Tie Dye.

I've never really fallen in love with Tie Dye peices because I've always thought they looked quite intimidating or strange in  the fashion world. But lately, on Polyvore and Tumblr, I have noticed many Tie Dye peices on people and in the "trendy" or "what's popular" section and now I have fallen absolutely in love with this pattern/trend. It may not be as popular or trendy this summer, but I know Tie Dye is meant for this time of year. So without further do, I have some polyvore sets created using my favorite Tie Dye pieces.

If you would like to know where these items are from, then check out my polvore! And if you like my sets you can easily click the 'follow' button:

•When I go shopping with friends in the afternoon-

•When I'm on summer vacation at the beach-

•If it's a bit chilly and I want to take a nice and peaceful morning walk on the beach-

•Getting dressed when I have nothing planned on that day-

•Shopping in L.A.-

•At a music festival or an outside concert in the middle of July-

•And last but not least, when I have summer classes-


I hope you found all of these helpful in anyway if you're thinking of styling a Tie Dye peice too! Again, If you would like to know where these items are from you can check out my polyvore and maybe follow if you like my sets:

Thank you for reading! Please stay tuned for more posts! -M