Thursday, July 3, 2014

June Favorites

Heeeeello Everyone! This June had a lot of reading, wearing créme lace or crochet peices, listening to alternative music, and wearing basic colors! Hope you enjoy my June Favorites! 

1). If you didn't see my latest posts, I have been wearing this floral lace long sleeve top many times. It's very airy and loose with many tiny holes so I don't get too hot wearing it(since it is a long sleeve top). From H&M. $10.

2). This basic dress is also from H&M. $14. Seems like a buy many things this store. I usually wear this dress on top of my swimsuit or as a relaxing breezy dress during the day with flip flops or sandals.

3). If you know me very well you'd know that I'm very obssesed with necklaces. They are either vintage or from ASOS. I'd say ASOS has very good quality and old-fashioned jewelry that I truly adore and are very in-expensive. I'm talkin' about $5-$15.

4). It seems like Dark Grey Acid Washed shorts that are fringy at the bottom go with many tops in my wardrobe. These lovely shorts are again, from........H&M. $14.

5). As I said earlier in this post, many of my June Favorites are quite basic. So, speaking of basic, plain sandals with no patterns or wild colors and only neutral colors like brown, black, or créme colors are my favorite to wear. You'd usually see me wearing these anywhere since these are the only shoes that won't make my feet hot or sweaty. $24 from Esprit.
6). Last but not least, the bag! This bag is called a bucket bag and is from only for $17. I use it mostly for going to the beach or as an "everyday summer bag". I have a "Beach Essentials" Post if anyone's wondering! Truly sorry for the horrible quality and the lack of words, this was made over a year ago! :/

•Movies: Yes, if you didn't know, I am a huge movie nerd and this month I have been obsessing over MARVEL movies specifically, X-Men. I truly love X-Men 2000 and X-Men: First Class; I feel like they both had the right amount of thriller, comedy, and action. Also if you hadn't known, Emma Stone is my favorite actor, and I really think she did a great job in the Movie: Easy A. It was hilarious!

•Music: Coldplay-Ghost Stories, Ellie Goulding-Halycon Days, Cage The Elephant-Melophobia, and The Black Keys-Turn Blue. This month I've been listening to more alternative now that I realized that it's my favorite music genre. Yes, I am a huuuge fan of Alternative/Indie Music. I listen to a lot Coldplay, M83, Cage The Elephant, Ellie Goulding, The Black Keys, Muse, The XX, Lana Del Rey, etc! Just naming all the ones in my head but there is more!!

•Book: Recently I've been reading lots of The Mortal Instruments book series(book addict), and can I just say these books are terrific! So much action and love, I just absolutely love it! The author of these amazing books is Cassandra Clare. 

•Food: Yes, I know this is a strange month favorite but it's too good so it had to be on my June Favorites! Burritos with Guacamole was my favorite snack in June. Avocado is a vegetable, meat and beans are a really good protein, and cheese is a healthy snack so all of it mixed together should be healthy? Right?¿ Haha, well lately I've been eating these healthy burrito wraps from my local grocery store with homemade guac and can I just say they are delicious! 

•Makeup: Best for last: Makeup! Deep Red has been my favorite color for months and wearing this color really goes with almost every outfit. So, having deep red/cranberry red on my nails and sometimes my lips definitely makes my outfits look on point! And what's a everyday makeup look with out mascara? In June I've been wearing a lot of waterproof mascara for swimming and just incase I'm sweating a lot in this California heat!

There you go! A long long long June Favorites post! I hope you enjoyed reading and please stay tuned for more posts! Have a great day! -M