Friday, July 11, 2014

Style Icons #Updated

My style has changed a lot from Street Style to Girly Grunge to Dark Vintage. For now I'll be sticking to Dark Vintage, because it is my favorite style at the moment and probably will be my favorite for a while. If you can't picture the style, Dark Vintage, here is an old post all about how this style is described, what's mostly worn in this style, and a few sets of how I would wear this style for every season:

My latest Fashion Inspirations are: Elizabeth Olsen, Dakota Fanning, Janet Devlin, Alice Englert, and Florence Welch. These beautiful and young women inspire me to not only "be myself" or to "dress in what makes me comfortable" but to have good spirit and to keep smiling through all the difficult and stressful times. These 5 wonderful ladies are all my style icons because they all dress simple and elegant but wild and fun at the same time. I'm the kind of person that isn't afraid to wear daring pieces, though these pieces mostly have plain and bold colors with lots and lots of patterns. I like to dress in what's comfortable, but also what stands out to the crowd. 
In this post you will be reading a small biography of what they do as a living, my most favorite outfits that they've worn, and why they inspire me.

•Starting with my most favorite fashion inspiration, Florence Welch-

Florence is a singer and is in a band named Florence and the Machine. She influenced a big part in my life because of her music, personality, and sense of style. I'd like to describe her style, in my opinion, Wild, Vintage, Retro, and Glamourous. From what I've seen, she likes to shop at places like from her Hometown, ASOS, and local Vintage or Thrift Shops which are also places I like to shop too!

Elizabeth Olsen-

Elizabeth is an actress. She is most known for acting in the movies Godzilla, Kill Your Darlings, Very Good Girls, and In Secret. Surprisingly, I've watched all movies and Elizabeth is outstanding in all of them! She is not only my icon for fashion but acting. I've been doing acting more than half of my life, and actors like Jennifer Lawrence, Emma Stone, and definitely Elizabeth Olsen inspire me to do my best in acting. In my opinion, I'd say her style is Sophisticated, Casual, and Simple.

Dakota Fanning-

Dakota is an Actress. She is mostly known for acting in the movies The Twilight Saga, Very Good Girls, and Charlotte's Web. Yet again, I've watched all these movies and I recommend all of these movies! In my opinion, I'd describe her style as Elegant, Vintage, Retro, and Simple.

Alice Englert-

Alice is an actress and is best know for acting in the movies Beautiful Creatures and Ginger and Rosa. Beautiful Creatures is one of my ultimate favorite movies. I definitely recommend you watch it, but read the books first! They're even better! I'd describe Alice's style as Unique, Wild, and Elegant. 

•Last but not least, Janet Devlin-

Janet Devlin is an Irish Singer and is best known for being one of the contestants on X-FACTOR UK 2011. She is a huge fashion inspiration to me because I think I can relate to her style a lot. I either have a similar style to Florence Welch or Janet Devlin. I'd describe Janet's style, In my opinion, Dark Vintage, Indie, and Biker.

That's all!

I hope you all enjoyed this loooong post about my Style Icons. This is an "Updated" Style Icons post, so if you'd like to see my old one from last year here is the link:

Thank you for reading and please stay tuned for more posts! -M