Sunday, August 3, 2014

Fall Wish List!

Besides coming into a new month, school is going to start and so will Fall! Fall time is my absolute  f a v o r i t e  season and I am so excited to start dressing in boots and warm colors. The name of this post may say it's a "wish list for fall;" but it's not only that, I'll be using this as a school wish list too since this event is coming up soon. 

During the beginning of fall I don't wear full-on chunky thick wool oversized sweaters yet because we all know the weather won't get that cold until October! Usually I like to start the season off with something light or short with "fall season" colors if you catch my drift. Like a dress, with sheer tights, and boots, or a thick wool racer back tank top, with skinny jeans, and a pair of black converse or white Keds. So, that is what I'll be showing you in this Fall Wish List! I hope some of you find some interests in some of these items so we can both sadly obsess over them because our wallets are empty if you know what I'm sayin. Without furtherdo lets get into this! 

-Fall WishList #1-

Hat- I found this hat while searching fedora hats on Polyvore and I instantly knew I had to buy this. First of all, It's brown, it has black belt wrapped around, it's perfect for fall because it has the nice fall look, it's quite in-expensive, and it looks like it has manageable quality. As you may know I am a sucker for wearing basic items. I would usually wear basic accessories like hats and jewelry with a daring and wild piece like a floral dress or a bright colored top so when I put them together I know they won't stick out as much. Tilly's $20

Bag- I have been obssesing over this bag for weeks now, I've almost added it to every set I've made on polyvore. I'm estimating that it fits a good amount of things like a lip balm, my iPhone, wallet, and all those other things women keep in their bags; so I'm hoping this bag could be a great everyday/ shoulder bag that I can take every where I go. $40

Boots- If you knew me very well you'd know that I really really really love The Amazing Spider-man. Dane Dehaan and Emma Stone are both my favorite male and female actors which made me very excited because they were both in one movie. Anyways, I absolutely could not get enough of Gwen Stacey's Style in TASM1 & 2. Her outfits were always simple and elegant. One thing I couldn't keep my eyes off was how she could pull off any type of riding boots or knee boots. Last year I despised riding boots. I thought they were too girly and more for riding horses. Until I discovered that they come in black with a biker style. Then I couldn't take my eyes off these boots. They could go perfectly with dresses, jeans, and skirts for the fall and winter. And I'd definitely would add creme or black colored thigh socks to show a little spice in the outfit. Tilly's $35

Dress- Can I just say: "Well Done, Zara!" They have a dress on sale for  t w e n t y  bucks! That's something knew! Before they were quite above my price range for clothes, but now I'm happy because they have items on sale that are less than $60. Besides the price, can I also add my thrilled opinion on this dress: "Perfect Go-To Fall Dress." Its got red, creme, and deep purple. Like I said "Perfect Go-To Fall Dress." $20

Shorts- Lastly, the shorts. I knew I needed to buy a new pair of full-on white shorts the last time I tried on the "not so, full-on" white shorts that are currently sitting in my dirty hamper, again. Sadly, my white shorts aren't so white anymore, so I thought: "Why not get new white shorts, and even better, high waisted." And like I said before, my outfit choice is to wear a lot of basic pieces with one daring piece to make it not so attention seeking, but fashionable. Buying high waisted white shorts can definitely help with the basics. Nordstrom $25

-Fall WishList #2-

Tank Top- Like I had mentioned earlier, racer back tanks are definitely my go-to for the beginning of fall. It may be plain and basic, but if you pair it with light blue skinny jeans or a pair of bright colored shorts it can definitely be pulled off well. $13

Jeans- My goodness! What is with me and basic clothing items! I just love 'em I guess? Though what is a closet without a pair of simple skinny blue jeans. They go perfectly well with, practically, everything! I can surely pull these jeans off with many items in my closet, so for sure, there is no need to list them all. H&M $22

Nail Polish- Here is a new fact about me: my nails look great in either red or navy blue and they are both my favorite colors. Besides that, dark colors like Navy Blue, Bergundy or Deep Purple, are wonderful nail polish colors to wear in the fall, and can be a great addition to your outfit. $15 

Necklace- I know this necklace may look way out of my league, but something about it won't let me stop thinking of different outfits I could style with it in my head. Plus it's silver! The most simple color a jewelry peice can have that will be worn without looking, hands down, completely expensive. $50

Bikini- I know during the fall time, swimming doesn't usually happen. But in P.E., for swim unit, we usually swim in the school's pool in the beginning of the year while it's still hot. Though how could someone possible buy this bikini in the middle of fall and not want to swim. It's crazy, but it's worth it no matter how cold it is! Top: $20, Bottom: $27

Rings- If you've know my blog for a while, you'd know that I have a small obsession with rings. Especially the ancient looking rings from ASOS. What's so special about these rings that made me, without hesitating, put them in my wish list is because they not only have an ancient look, but they've got red and black stones that can be paired fantastically with a simple black dress or a black top. $23

Lipstick- What's a fall daily makeup look with out red lipstick. It can even be worn once or twice a week, it just needs to be in your makeup bag! Red lipstick is the  p e r f e c t  makeup addition to your daily fall makeup look. Perfect for fall. Perfect to spice up you're face when you want to add a little something something. Perfect, perfect, perfect. $7.49

Belt- Finally, the moment we've all been waiting for. The last wish list item. My old black belt now looks like a piece of shredded string from wearing it too many times. So, why not buy another one, and even better, one that's braided and for sure won't rip out or have its holes stretched out. This is a wonderful basic closet item that everyone definitely needs to have. For sure I know they have them almost everywhere, and the cheapest, Goodwill! H&M $5.05

Thank you all so so very much for reading! It took me more than 2 hours to make the pictures, write, and to edit so I hope you all enjoyed reading my post! Make sure to follow me on all my social media to the left! Thanks for reading and please stay tuned for more posts! -M