Sunday, November 2, 2014


Hello! As you guys know, I do a lot of writing and poetry for my age than a person can even imagine, and I'm so ashamed of myself for not thinking of this
much earlier. I'm going to share some of my poetry with you guys. Sadly, I'm not a published writer, yet. Though I am open to anyone who would like to help me out. My email is: . All of these were written by hand, by me, so please be respectful and don't take these poems under your name. It would be very much appreciated. I am only doing this because I love writing and sharing what I write, since I do say "I love writing" a lot on my blog. Alright, I think that might be all. Enjoy!

This was written over last Spring Break: 
“wild life and fictional things” 

"Feeling held down in a spot where you can't move. Remembering this person only brings sadness to your eyes. As the enemy stands before you, you're begging for someone to set you free. Someone who can hold you throughout this journey  of wild life and fictional things. Although it seems like a lifetime ago when we've given them up." -{m.f.} 04.12.14.

“The Fair.”

"I never thought I could really enjoy carnivals. I could never really take the the time to stay still and reel in all of the exhilarating moments. Families getting together. Couples kissing under the street light. Children laughing and smiling. The rides. The popcorn. Quick beating hearts as they wait in line. I never realized going to the fair could bring the brightest smile upon your face once you’ve conquered what you thought you could never do. Because once it’s conquered, you feel alive. You feel like you can do it all night long. As if the only thing you wanted to do is live in that moment. That moment of happiness, tears of joy, and laughter. These exhilarating moments are what we live and love for. No matter if it is the last time you’ll ever feel that great warm feeling in your heart again. You should cherish these great moments, because as time flies, it might not come back to you." -{m.f.} 10.01.14

This is secretly for someone who I used to be in love with, but doesn't know I exist #teenageprobs:
"for crying out loud!"

"Mystique linger all around one room. Take the wrong turn and you'll end up in a whole different world. Colors of black and grey forfill your mind. Am I going crazy? Or is it the depths of pain and ache in my heart seeking through my weak, but young brain. Blood pumps through my veins. My heart is electrocuted by your dark magic.
Only fear can stop us. So why the wait? I'm going mental, without you. I'm walking on the cold cement with my bare feet. I'm screaming at the hideous girl in the reflection. I'm becoming an intimidating monster, without you. For crying out loud! I'm in love with you!
But life stays still like a dead heartbeat. Scared. Still. Joyful. Still. Envious. Still. As if there was no wind to make the blue ocean waves. That is what it feels like when we don't love. So why the wait?" -{m.f.} 

"fifty shades of life"

"I remember looking into his eyes like 50 shades of blue. Whether what it was he was feeling, it didn't take time to accept the wonderful life when he looked back." -{m.f.}


"Seeking white lights through the starless, dusky night. Here no one lies, but the quaver of wind and crickets in your ears. Sauntering down the street, till a shiny, white streak of light flashes in your eyes, until it hits you." -{m.f} 04.14.14

My very first poem:
"Rose's Dead

"Craving life in your hands as a big lie. Let it grow. In our lives, our happiness is like the petals, our growth is the stem, our weakness is the lack of water, and our madness is the thorns seeking into out skin, letting the blood drip till we know it hurts. Till we die left in the dirt, like the crumpled, crimson petals dried from the sun. From there, rose's dead." -{m.f.} 04.14.14