Wednesday, November 26, 2014

November Favorites

November has definitely been the month where I've been going deeper into my current interests and discovering much more than I already know. This month has definitely been refreshing, thanks to #nomakenovember; interesting, because of all the new discoveries and interests I've made; and, exciting for more interesting things to come and be discovered. Today, I've made a few sets of all the things I've been enjoying this month. From my favorite clothing items to my favorite candles to burn during a cold, chilly day, you'll see them all down below. 

❦Clothing Favorites

1). Fall is all about the basic colors, like dark gray, forest green, burgundy, deep wine red, dark teal blue, navy blue, spice orange, and black; so, I thought this baby doll smock dress from H&M would go perfect with items like flannels under sweaters and cute boots.

2). Flannels are a perfect peice to wear for fall, and I really mean it this time. I guess thick wool with plaid brings such a warm fall feeling to my heart so I just can't get enough of them.

3). I'm pretty sure everyone loves a simple chunky creme sweater in their wardrobe for every fall, no matter their choice of style. Of course, I do. I can literally style about 5 different fall outfits including the sweater in less than 10 seconds. That's how much I love wearing sweaters for fall.

4). I feel like most of my outfits would not be complete without a simple denim jacket. Especially my Fall and Winter outfits. Just when one outfit does not feel warm enough, I add my denim jacket and then I'm ready to go.

5). If you've seen my post on Ginger, Spice, and Everything Nice, you'd know I have a crazy passion for spice colored cardigans, sweaters, thigh high socks, throw pillows, and anything else you can think of. This fall I've been loving my spice cardigan, from Goodwill, a lot. I've worn it during school for halloween:

my second day of school:

.... on Thanksgiving:
.....and a couple more times since the day I purchased it! 

6). Like you just saw, I wore my H&M black, faded, and frayed shorts on Thanksgiving, and they are the most comfiest high waisted shorts I've ever worn. These H&M shorts are stretchy on the waist so I can breath after being stuffed with turkey, and flexible everywhere so I can move easily with out having difficulty (if there was any situation that occurred like that, which probably would not happen).

7). The picture above doesn't actually have the exact brown boots that I've been wearing a lot this fall. Here's a picture: 

These brown boots, from American Eagle, have surprisingly been worn more than my combat boots this month. What I love most about these boots is that I can pair them with almost every fall outfit I've ever worn from my wardrobe.

8). I know I exaggerate a bit too much, about how I wear an item too many times, but this time I'm not joking. Practically, in every OOTD I've made a post on, I'm usually wearing my black combat boots from Charlotte Russe. They are black, comfy, and go with  e v e r y  single outfit in my wardrobe. No joke. Yes, I know. It's about time I move on from combat boots but these ones stick on to me like super glue. But don't hesitate, Black Friday is here to save the day.

9). This month I've actually been wearing teal nail polish more than red nail polish and I've really been loving it. I mean, teal is my favorite color. I just wasn't fully satisfied with the color on my nails until I finally tried it after rejecting it a couple times. 

10). This year as a high school freshman, I've been wearing more dresses, skirts, and shorts instead of jeans more than anytime in my life. And I want to continue doing so during this fall and winter. Though, I also want to keep myself very warm, so I use sheer tights. Basically the closest thing to warmth when not wearing jeans.

A). Scarfs aren't exactly my ideal "go-to" item in the accessories section. Though this month, I've finally kicked that thought out of my mind, and wore my scarfs a couple of times and have been very happy with it!

B). As you all know, I've worn thigh socks plenty of times this October and November. Thigh High socks could possibly be the second closest thing to warmth when wearing a dress, skirt, or shorts. I usually pair thigh highs with a plain black skirt, my overworn combat boots, a denim jacket, and any cute sweater or top from my closet.

❦Random Favorites 

❦Music- You all know that I have a great passion for listening to music in my life. From Indie and Alternative like The War on Drugs and Phantogram to "an oldie but a goodie" like The Beatles and Mac Demarco. I don't know how I would live life as it is without music. So this month I've been coming back to The Beatles and listening to Rubber Soul and The Revolver, which are both my favorite albums. Also on Mac's album: Salad Days, I've been listening to Passing Out Pieces quite a lot.
I am so glad I discovered The War on Drugs. Listening to their music gives you the feeling of nothing you could ever imagine. They've got that amazing 80/90's vibe, that leaves you to still think you are listening to indie music. At the moment, my favorite songs on their album, Lost In The Dream, are probably Burning or Red Eyes. 
Secondly, I've discovered the band Phantogram in the beginning of summer, and I'm now coming back to them this November. Phantogram is like a mixture of Electric and Alternative, which is a genre that I love besides indie. My favorite songs currently are either Bill Murray or Howling At The Moon. 
Lastly, my all time favorite, The Beatles. The Beatles were obviously, hands down, the best band ever known. Right in the moment when you listen to one of their songs, you are hooked and can't stop replaying. I couldn't possibly have a favorite song, but at the moment I've been listening to A Day in the Life, Oh! Darling, and And I Love Her.

❦Movies- My favorite thing to do in my spare time, besides listening to music, is to watch movies. I'm mostly into the romantic comedies/fantasy/drama or Action/Thriller/Sci-F movies. Though this month I've been watching a lot of romantic comedies and drama such as Like Crazy, Affluenza, Dead Poets Society, Remember Me, Fun Size, and Peace, Love, Misunderstanding. I have a strong love for juicy, breathtaking indie movies, so I can assure you these movies are wonderful and addicting to watch if you're thinking of checking them out.

❦Book- Since I am truely addicted to the Harry Potter movie series, I've realized that it was time that I start reading the book series, knowing that time isn't going to stop for a while so I could have time to read them all. I have finally finished Harry Potter and The Sorcerer's Stone, so next on my reading list is Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets right after I finish my Thanksgiving Break. 

❦Makeup- I barely wear make-up on a daily basis, no matter where I'm going, besides lip balm. Surprisingly, even though its #NoMakeUpNovemeber, I just couldn't say no to adding a bit of red lipstick, black mascara, and my favorite teal nail polish on this month. November is the month that lands right smack in the middle of fall, and sadly fall is coming close to an end, so I just could not deny wearing these products.

❦Food- Like I said November lands right in the middle of fall, so I always love to have a fall snack with me anywhere I eat. Pumpkin streusel muffins are perfect to have as a small healthy breakfast eaten with your favorite coffee or tea, as a snack, or as a small addition to a school lunch, if you're like me.

❦Candle- You just can't say no to fall scented candles. If you do then, please explain. Pumpkin, Cinnamon, Coffee, and Sugar Cookie scented candles have been burned a lot in my room. Especially my pumpkin scented candle, which is definitely my favorite candle to burn. Bed, Bath, and Beyond is probably the best place to find your favorite fall scent whether it's forest breeze or baked bread, I'm sure they'll have it waiting right on the counters for you.

 I believe that's all I've been liking this month! Thank you all for reading! I hope you've all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Please stay tuned for more posts and have a lovely day! -M