Sunday, September 8, 2013

Fall Street Style!

The weather has gotten less warmer. Leaves are turning yellow, orange, and brown while clouds have shown up in the sky almost everyday. Everybody, it's Fall time!

Today I would like to show my opinion on the looks for Fall Street Style shown below. I also included the main essentials for each look and what I love about the Fall Street Style looks. Enjoy!

Fall Street Style gives me great ideas of what to wear during the Fall time. During Fall I love to travel to New York and "rock" my Fall street style. It can express who you are and it shows that you're one of those fashionable city ladies who always look unique in every outfit they wear. 

Fashion shows have already started on their fall collections. What I think the main items to wear during this season are sweaters, skinny jeans, coats or jackets, and any sort of boots whether they're biker boots or mid-heeled boots. They all will be shown in the pictures below.

The main thing to have in Fall style is color. Warm colors like red, orange, yellow, and brown, always stand out when you dress in a Fall Street look. The essentials for this look would be any fall like item in your closet. Below are examples using color in Fall Street Style looks.  

•Dark with a Hint of Color-
Dark colors are more into later of Fall when the season is almost about to end. Dark colors with a few Fall colors like Black and Red or Brown With Orange is what makes your Fall Street Style stand out. What's based on my style is more on the dark color side, and I love to add a few colors to spice it up. Great essentials for this look would be a Dark top with any Fall color patterns, a denim piece, a coat, and boots. Examples Shown Below.

Plain clothing using the colors White, Black, Grey, and Denim Blue is shown as a Fall and Winter look. Great essentials for this look would be any blue denim pieces, black jeans, and tops in the basic colors I listed above. Examples are Below.

•Girly Fall Look-
The last one I would like to share with you is the Girly Fall Look. This look is not always worn on the streets of the city but it's a cute look to wear in the Fall. The main color in this look is white and the main items are the white jeans and skirts. The essentials for this Girly Fall Look are white jeans, patterned sweaters, Keds, boots, and oxfords.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more posts! 

-Marie xx