Saturday, September 14, 2013

Fall Heels!

The most worn shoe during Fall time are definitely heels. Whether they're boots with heels or shoes with thin heels, they all look absolutely great for the Fall time.

Today I took some inspiration from Danielle Bernstein and Miranda Kerr in these sets. Both of these ladies are my Fashion Inspirations and I absolutely love what they choose to wear for the Fall. 

• Danielle Bernstein
In the sets below I have used my favorite heels at the moment. I don't own any of these shoes but I absolutely adore them! Personally I think these shoes are perfect to wear during fall especially because they have Fall colors. 

Today I saw Danielle Bernstein wear this to NYFW so I thought I'd remake it. Above I found a a turtle neck from, Patchwork High waisted jeans from TopShop, Shoes from Zara, and a Cèline bag.

-An outfit cannot go without a leather piece for the Fall. The shoes are from Zara and the skirt is also from Zara. I've become more addicted to Zara lately so you will be hearing a lot of items that are from Zara in the sets below. I am crazily in love with all their clothes and I want them all. I'd definitely wear this set above to either a fashion show or on a red carpet. I've always had a dream to go to one of these places and wear the outfits that I made.

-This is more on the casual side where it is more likely to be worn on a warmer day during the Fall season. The wine colored heels are from Zara, white jeans from TopShop, and Black sheer top from 

-Wearing a sweater during the Fall is one of the most warmest things to wear. Whats great about this outfit is that the creme sweater makes the outfit look perfect for the Fall. Especially when sweaters are one of the main Fall essentials. Heeled boots are from Zara, Sweater from H&M, bag from Zara, and heeled-boots from Zara.

-This is more on the warm side when it's cold and you'd love to wrap your self in a warm leather jacket from and heeled-boots from Zara. 

-Heels can't go great with out a Cèline bag. I matched Zara heels with a beautiful Fall colored designed bag from Cèline. These black heels are very unique because they're not always seen worn a lot. 

• Miranda Kerr
Miranda Kerr always rocks Heels during the Fall time so I decided to add her to this "Fall Heels!" post. She has absolute great taste in fashion besides being a model, her style is very original and unique.

-Denim long skirts with heels look absolutely stunning especially for this upcoming season. I forgot to add one more item to this set so I'll just say that I was going to add a black leather jacket. The heels in this set are from Zara. I basically got this idea from Miranda Kerr and Danielle Bernstein. I'd picture Danielle wearing the heels and Miranda wearing the denim skirt.

I absolutely love this outfit. This outfit is also a similar to one of Danielle Bernstein's outfits that she wore last year in the fall. The heeled-boots are what I've been obsessing over for weeks! The shiny leather makes it look very sheek and "biker-looking" to wear during the Fall. The boots are from TopShop and the dress is also from TopShop.

-This outfit is more for the summer though. The dark colors such as the green and black make it look better for fall. The Zara heels shown in the set above come in many colors and I love to put them together in a set with a pair of trousers. I added a plaid shirt with white trousers that are both from Zara.

-This set uses the Chelsea boots with mid-heels. Boots are mainly worn in the fall or winter so I decided to add some Chelsea Boots from TopShop. Chelsea boots are my absolute favorite because they are something especially great to wear for my age. I do own my own pair of Chelsea boots that are mid-heeled and I wear them with almost everything I own in my closet.::: 

-This outfit kind of took inspiration from Miranda Kerr. I know how she loves her brown boots, straw hats, and glasses. The boots in this set above are high-heeled and are a bit similar to Chelsea boots. They are also from Zara.

-This last one used the same green heels from 2 sets above. They are green heels from Zara and I matched them with the clutch also from Zara. This outfit is perfect for the fall because it looks great with the cream color top that fits with the clutch and the heels. I added the black jeans to make it look simple. 

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for next Saturdays post! Thanks a lot!
-marie (: