Monday, August 11, 2014

American Horror Story Appreciation Post.

Recently this summer, American Horror Story has been my absolute favorite tv show. (Though I still enjoy watching Teen Wolf, The Fosters, and Pretty Little Liars). I'm pretty sure you all know why I would make this post, and that is: the all black look! It's one of my favorite looks aside from Dark Vintage and Edgy Casual. So, how could I not do an American Horror Story Appreciation Post. It just would not be right! In all of these pictures I'm posing in my favorite American Horror Story look alike outfit! Enjoy!

•The boots I wore are actually from the old 1970s days. It gives it a bohemian and 70s/90s vibe that Misty Day had.

•The black fur vest definitely gives this outfit the glamourous and girly "all black" vibe Madison Montgomery had. 

•Lastly, the plain black dress shows how plain yet sophisticated and edgy Zoe Benson was.

-Black dress: Derek Heart
-Black Fur Vest:
-Boots: My mothers boots from the 1970's

Thank you all for reading and please stay tuned for more posts! -M