Monday, August 18, 2014

Simple Back-To-School Outfits!

My ideal back to school outfit would obviously be simple but noticeable. I guess you can call me that basic chick; that loves to add one daring peice to the already basic outfit to spice it up! Items like floral tops, ginger colored thin sweaters, and light blue denim overalls are examples for daring pieces that I'd wear, and items like black and white horizontal striped tops, knee ripped black skinny jeans, and white Keds are examples of what I'd wear for basic. So with that, below I've made sets that show how I'd wear my ideal back-to-school outfit. Enjoy!

That's all! I hope some of you found some ideas from these sets! If you'd like to know where all these items are from, check my polyvore and give it a follow!:

Here is last years "back-to-school outfit ideas" post if you're not highly satisfied with any of the outfits in this post!:

Thank you for taking your time to read this post! Please stay tuned for more posts! -M