Monday, November 24, 2014

Concert Outfit Ideas | Fall & Winter Edition

We all know that there are differences in what to wear to a concert depending on the season. In spring and summer, light clothing and bright colors are mostly worn at concerts. And during the fall and winter, you would probably see everyone wearing dark colors, edgy patterns, and thick, warm material at concerts for their sake of keeping themselves warm.
How you dress doesn't only describe your personality, but shows that you love to wear these type of clothes and materials because of the weather which you should simply adore. Unless, you love wearing all black no matter the weather, it definitely can look absolutely effortlessly, stunning. 
As you all know, fall and winter are, hands down, my absolute favorite seasons. And showing my love for these seasons in my favorite sweaters or boots while going to a concert to see a band/singer which I obviously adore, would hopefully show my surroundings that I have a lot of love sent towards attending concerts during fall and winter. 
On Polyvore I have made quite a lot of sets based on outfits that I would wear to a fall or winter concert and I'm happy to share them with you all.

Fall- At concerts during fall, you would all know that I love to add a small pop of color to my "all-black" looks to show that I appreciate fall, a lot. Because, the weather is chilly during fall, I still love to wear only black at concerts. Colors like forest green or spice orange, are wonderful additions to the outfit. Red lipstick and fur vests are also great additions to the outfit.

❦Winter- During winter, I love to wear all black, because it usually fits the season the most and the type of concert I'd go to, since I listen to a great amount of slow indie and deep alternative music. In all of the loose long shirts that I'd wear, I would definitely tie a little knot on the right bottom side of the shirt to add a little skin because of the amount of layers worn in the outfit.

I hope this was helpful for any future concerts that any of will be going to. Thank you for taking your time to read this post and please stay tuned for more! -M